After you have go an new tattoo.I do not advice you to expose it to sun or solarium for the first 4-5 weeks. If you choose to go out in the sun. Atleast cover it with something. a skarf or something light that doesnt scratch you new tattoo-

That is because the tattoo is an open wound the first week, and the weeks after your skin is very sensitive and does not tolerate much sun.
If you have light, Scandinavian you are more exposed to the sun than ones with a darker skin tone.

In worst cases, you can get a good sunburn in the tattoo and it creates problems in the growing process. This can cause you to get big wounds, won blisters or other reactions, which results in losing lots of ink from your new tattoo. A fresh tattoo should not be under the pool or the bath. In the first 4 weeks you should only expose the tattoo to clean water, as in the shower.If you choose to bathe in the ocean/sea water. be careful and always clean your tattoo after. and put the cream on again.

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