Many people call or send emails to the studio; “When do you have time to make a rose?” In order for our manager to know what kind of tattoo artist is best for this tattoo and how much time you need to reserve etc,
we need to know some things:

– What kind of rose (there are amazing many species)?
– In what style (realistic, old school, new school, neo-traditional, ornamental, dotwork, linework, blackwork, graffiti,
geometric, etc.)?
– In color or black and gray?
– What size and location?

Take a look at some of these roses, to see how much different they are. And this is just a small example;

  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
  • 5

So think about it, check around, find examples and maybe you even find some new accecories you want to add maybe actually it was not a rose you wanted. If you decided the model you want and bring it to the tattoo artist when you have a
appointment og design reservation with us.

Try to have as much information you about your model before appointment, be prepaired. And most important be honest about your feelings and wishes so you get EXACTLY the tattoo you want.
So always be prepared and open for ideas. That makes it more easier for you and the artists.

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