Hi everyone i hope you enjoyed your winter holidays. We just arrived to Norway last weekend and we have been busy planning and organizing our new shop. It is so exiting. So today we are finally opening. And you are all welcome to come and visit us. wether you want a new tattoo or you just want to say hi.

With this opening we have some opening campaigns for you guys. And this time we will also focus permanent make-up, I know alot of you have been asking for it. And our specialist for it was actually the first one in Alanya to start with permanent make-up around 7-8 years ago.


Hair technique – 2000,-
Full eyebrows – 1800,-
Lipliner – 1500,-
Full lips – 2500,-
Eyeliner upside – 1500,-
Eyeliner up/down – 2500,-

Tattoo starter price – 500,-
Free consultation of your old tattoo or free design for your new one,

(note: all these prices are only valid for March 2018)

We are focusing on you. what YOU want, what YOUR desire is. Together with tattoo artist you will get to design your dream tattoo in 1-2-3. So dont be shy, call us or visit us this time we are only here for a month.

Our new studio is located in the most beautliful summer city of Norway. As we all know this is Stavern. Our new premises is just behind Meny, there is a shopping center behind. In there we are working with Larvik beauty clinic. She is so talented so dont forget to try out some beauty days with her,

We will be open everyday 12-18 if not other is agreed with you especially.
Or you can book or if you have some question call us – 40 19 28 54

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