The request is increasing more and more when it comes to Cover ups. There are many who have a tattoo they’re wierd. strange and not completely proud of, happy with or are particularly like anymore.
Sometimes it’s a tattoo that’s badly done, but most of the time there are tattoos that were once trendy but later you see it’s not representing your style/ personality anymore.

There is alot of things we to cover up, but unfortunately not all. In other words, everything can be covered, but not anything. Sometimes also maybe all your tattoo needs is a little touch up or refreshment.

in our opinion we reccomand if you still actually like your tattoo or if you had a personal relation to your tattoo. That you refresh it- It can get a new look to it some more personal details etc.

If you want a coverup, just submit a REQUEST, come for a consultation. At the consultation, you and your tattoo designer and tattoo artist all three together will look into the possibilities and what we can make better or different on your tattoo. There is much we can do, but not all, unfortunatly. That’s why i reccomand you to choose the right artist to help you that fits YOUR desing. Not just an artist you think is good. MAYBE he is not the perfect one for your style.

 Mostly you want to make tattoo, ONE TIME. Pay for it ONE TIME. And it stays for A LIFETIME.

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