Taking care of you tattoo is as much important as the tattoo itself.

If you don’t take care of your tattoo means that, it can fade and get un even in the lines for example An artist can give you one hell of a nice tattoo, but when youwalk out the door it is then  YOUR responsibility to take care of it and follow the prescription thats given to you by us. And we of course trust on you to do that

!Some of our tattoo cream is also organic so take good care of the box. Don’t care it in hot places and remember that you can only use this box for a week or so. So i reccomand if you’re want the organic cream, buy two of them.


Same night as the tattoo has been made (more likely before you go to bed) take the plastic off.
Wash carefully with green soap and water so that you see that the pores are completely free from blood and excess ink.
Clean well with water so there is no more green soap on the skin, do not wipe the tattoo, leave some water left on the skin. Sprinkle a very thin
layer of tattoo cream together with the water until it begins to dry. Then put a new plastic on, if you have. if not keep it clean and in dry
air do not put clothes on. Consider sleeping solf textile of clothes that can hold the plastic in place all night long.


Repeat cleaning, massaging with green soap or just soap without parfume and the plastic for 1-2 days. 3-4 times in the day. depending on the amount of fluid that appears from the pores. That means. if there is not so much moisture coming out, you can finish plastic foil after 1 day, while on larger tattoos it might appeaer for a longer amount of time you can continue to pack it up to 2 days. Make sure the plastic is always clean and the tattoo does not dry out. When you’re home, you can let the tattoo “air” for several hours without the plastic, as long as the tattoo is not exposed to bacteria from clothing, children, pets, etc.

Most infections is caused by not good enough after care, it means you did not follow the directions and information that the artist or personell of the studio gave you. It is both better and easier to take care of the tattoo than to take care of infections. Take your precautions by cleaning and taking care of the tattoo right from the start. Should the symptoms occur or you are directly injured? Always consult a doctor for further treatment.
(We are not health personnel)

Good tips to avoid infections and inflammation:
– ALWAYS wash your hands before your cleaning or touching the tattoo
– Sleep in clean bed and sheets the first nights
– Wear clean clothes
– Clean towels
– Do not expose your fresh tattoo to animals, children’s hands, etc.

Things to avoid when you have a fresh tattoo are direct sunlight. As newly tattoed, going on the beach or in the solarium the first days are not very smart things to do. The sun hits the tattoo will burn you, make a crust and hurt. You should also not bathe, no matter water, neither in the sea, pool nor bathtub. Only the shower is fine. Tattooing does not benefit from wet places for more than a few minutes, Most bacterias is thriving well in wt places, and every kind of water. So remeber to keep it clean!!

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