Your tattoo will go through a healing process. And normally these are devided into three stages. I will walk you through this, and don’t panic most of the things you see might not look normal to you or feel normal- But that’s just your tattoo healing. Just imagine it like this, when you make tattoo we are under your skin and making scars. Of course your skin is reacting to it in some way And it’s mostly normal as i said. Just give the tattoo some time and you will see.

STAGE 1 (1-6 days) – Swelling and redness that will get better over the days. And Scabbing will start around the lines of your tattoo etc.
STAGE 2 (7-14 days) – Itching and flaking starts, and this will continue until all layers of dead skin and scabs falls off.
STAGE 3 (15-30) – The tattoo looks fully healed, but it might look litte bit cloudy for a few weeks more. The deep layers of your skin is still repairing. So still take care of your tattoo as much as you can.


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